Dylan Beattie – Introduction to distributed systems in .NET Core

So we’ve finally launched our wonderful new brand, and hopefully you know a little bit more about Fusion Workshops.

Our focus throughout each silo of the Fusion Group is learning from one another to better ourselves. We are surrounded by an incredible community, with each individual bringing something different to the table. We want to encourage and facilitate a meeting of minds and spark thought provoking conversations. If we all come together and support each other in this way, the possibilities are endless.

Dylan Beattie has worked closely with Fusion since his talk at the Meetup at the beginning of the year. When the pandemic hit, we were both faced with moving everything online, and since then Dylan has run some incredible workshops through his business Ursatile. We are so excited to welcome Dylan back as a workshop leader following his debut for Fusion Workshops in July. Dylan will be running two workshops for us in November, one being the popular ‘Introduction to distributed systems in .NET Core’ and the other being a four half day event focusing on ‘Communication in Software Teams’.

To celebrate launch week, Dylan has given us a bunch of super early bird and early bird tickets for each event!! Today marks the launch of the super early bird tickets for ‘Introduction to distributed systems in .NET Core’ that will take place on 19th November. There is only five available, so move quick if you want to bag yourself and your team the tickets.

This is a hands-on workshop aimed at Software Engineers. Here’s a little snap shot of what to expect..

Once upon a time, software was simple. You built a website, connected it to a database, and you were done. Then customers started asking for APIs, mobile apps, notification emails, realtime chat. Cloud hosting enabled “elastic” systems – websites that automatically scale up to handle demand; message queues and publish/subscribe patterns to handle spikes in traffic and workload without impacting your end users.


If you are just starting out with distributed systems design, the possibilities can be overwhelming. APIs, message queueing, REST, GraphQL, gRPC… what should you choose, how does it work, how do you get started?


This workshop gives you a hands-on introduction to the most important messaging patterns used in modern application development. Using .NET Core and C#, we’ll build a series of small example apps and services, wire them together using these patterns, and discuss how – and when – you’d apply the same patterns in your own applications.

Tickets for the ‘Introduction to distributed systems in .NET Core’ are available here.