Fusion Meetup – September 12th 2019


Dani Papmaximou – Geospatial Data Scientist

Talk – Jupyter Notebook: data science in action

During this presentation Dani will go through a basic example of data analysis using jupyter notebook. Jupyter notebook is one of the favourite tools in data science, and this presentation will demonstrate why. There will be live coding, live errors, bad jokes, and everything that shall remain behind closed doors during development, giving you a rare opportunity to understand the challenges of the work of a data scientist.

Alex Cotelin – Senior Software Engineer, Founder of Angular Birmingham Meetup

Talk – Why you should consider Angular for your next SPA

The 3 amigos in Front End Development (React, Vue, Angular) are all amazing, which puts us in a difficult position when it comes to choose one. Alex will give an overview of what Angular offers in terms of features, tooling and the ecosystem.

Ceiran Champman – Buzzword Engineer at wxdis on assignment at Nationwide Building Society

Talk – Abstractions

Using the language of platform & delivery to bridge the communications gap between Dev, Ops and stakeholder teams.