Meet The Team

Hannah Mitchell – Director

Hannah is all about people; she’s in this business for the human side of what we do, and the great relationships we have with our clients are testament to her hands-on approach and warm personality.

Her career began with one of the UK’s biggest recruitment companies, where she spent seven years steadily working her way up through the ranks in their global business before moving on to a smaller more specialist outfit. She then took the leap in 2013 to set up on her own, and never looked back.

Passionate about Midlands Tech, Hannah had wanted to do things differently for some time and it led her to launch Technical Team Solutions. Running this new business allowed her the freedom to make the big ideas she’d always had around creating learning opportunities to support the community she worked, in a reality. She reinvested profits into an event designed to bring Tech people together in a sociable space, to learn and share ideas and the Fusion Meetup was born.

Following the success of Fusion Meetups (it’s now one of the biggest events of its kind in the Midlands) Hannah’s dream evolved to include Fusion Workshops and now all three elements sit under the family of Fusion Group, an organisation that empowers, inspires and educates Midlands Tech professionals.



Andy Jones – Director

Andy is a proud Brummie, and champions local talent wherever possible; he’s passionate about supporting initiatives throughout the Midlands that support the development of our region’s Tech talent. He’s a driving force in Fusion Group’s commitment to supporting both those in a further education setting and those seeking professional development, to achieve their ambitions in the field of Technology.

Before joining what was then Technical Team Solutions, Andy had been building a solid network over four years in the specialist field of IT recruitment. Andy joined Hannah, tasked with growing the Technical Team Solutions Brand with the combination of building and sustaining talented, collaborative technology teams that he specialises in; our proven track record speaks to his skills in this regard.

Integrity and a down to earth approach make Andy stand out in his field, and his success in helping his clients to land their dream jobs and build high-performing teams demonstrates that his way of doing things, works.